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Friday The 13th! New Pin + Stage April 14, 2007

Posted by xiceecube17x in CP stuff.


Sorry guys, this post is a little late! But, yesterday was Friday the 13th! And a bunch of weird things happened. I went to the movies, and we were in theater 13! My SS teacher’s last name is Krueger, and my friend bought something and it cost $6.66. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m kinda supersticious! It makes Friday The 13th more fun!

Anyway, the new stage is built, with some chairs so people can watch. The new pin is a microphone and is at the Beacon.


Stay Fresh,




1. mr pinto - April 14, 2007

first comment… hehe

stay BALLIN~~ mr pinto

2. hammy999 - April 15, 2007

heyy did u go to the cinimas 8?

3. Berryc00l - April 15, 2007

thats soo weird about the money thing! 😥 everytime i see this site i think of gorlackers! keep up with the site icee! i cant even imagine how much sites you are putting up with right now!
*Check out my site sometime at:*
Take a look around, I hope you enjoy everything! 😉

4. chrisdouble/joshua - April 16, 2007

mr pinto hats ur web sites name?or do u not have one plz twll me i wanna go on it
stay ballin~~~~~peace! 8)

5. 99coolj - April 22, 2007

That’s really weird… I begged to not go to school becase of that. And I went cause my mom thought I was just “pretending”. Guess what happened! This, like, 4th grader (i think) fell off this like 14 foot slide from the top, and something broke his fall, my friends head. I was like 5 feet away from him. And this all happened on Friday the 13. Thats really creepy with the Krueger and $6.66 thing..

~99coolj~ 😉
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6. cheeseguy76 - May 30, 2007

I dont like you poop

7. Tyler - December 13, 2007

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8. Tyler - December 13, 2007

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9. dear5000 - March 5, 2008

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10. millersaw - March 16, 2008

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