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41,930 almost there!!!! May 16, 2007

Posted by gorlackers in CP stuff.

after we get to 42,000 i mr pinto will hold a sweet party at my igloo!!! once we get there i will make a post about it

stay BALLIN~~ mr pinto

p.s. visit my new awesome site kidsportscenter.wordpress.com



1. chrisdouble - May 17, 2007

mr.pinto xxiecube is hacking me

2. Chewey101 - May 18, 2007


3. Berryc00l - May 19, 2007

Oh my gosh that’s awesome!! Can’t wait for the party…hopefully I won’t forget!
*Check out my site sometime at:*
OR http://clubpenguinnexttopmodel.wordpress.com
Take a look around, I hope you enjoy everything;)

4. Chrisdouble/joshua - May 27, 2007

thay was not me!

5. Chrisdouble/joshua - May 27, 2007

pick on someone else xiceecube stop hacking me!

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