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Migrator is back and new pin April 29, 2007

Posted by mr pinto in CP stuff.

the migrator is back yey and there is a bottom deck isn’t that awesome!!!!! the pin is located in the treasure chest at the bottom of the mountain.

stay BALLIN~~ mr pinto



Posted by mr pinto in CP stuff.

hey i need help from others im thinking about making a site for sports like lacrosse i have already made it the name is lacrossefreak.wordpress.com ok

if u wanna be an admin email me at


Dedication to the Hokies of Virginia Tech April 19, 2007

Posted by mr pinto in CP stuff.

even though this has nothing to do with club penguin we should stop and think about the Virginia Tech massacre and how we can support each other into turning this into a non-depressing event that we will have to live with

comment here on what you think

Friday The 13th! New Pin + Stage April 14, 2007

Posted by xiceecube17x in CP stuff.


Sorry guys, this post is a little late! But, yesterday was Friday the 13th! And a bunch of weird things happened. I went to the movies, and we were in theater 13! My SS teacher’s last name is Krueger, and my friend bought something and it cost $6.66. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m kinda supersticious! It makes Friday The 13th more fun!

Anyway, the new stage is built, with some chairs so people can watch. The new pin is a microphone and is at the Beacon.


Stay Fresh,


egg hunt on club penguin complete instructions April 8, 2007

Posted by mr pinto in CP stuff.

Egg number one: In the lighthouse, on one of the frame, on the right side

Egg number two: Coffee shop, it is in the coffee maker .

Egg number three: Mine shack, on top of the gutter, you have to click on the fossit and the egg will come down

Egg number four: Pizza parlor, it is in the spotlight in the right corner of the screen

Egg number five: where the pool is, in the window the egg should go across the widow

Egg number six: town, it is in the present which is above the gift shop sign

Egg number seven: Boiler room in the cabinet

Egg number eight: Beacon, look through the telescope and find the rock hopper egg!!! oheaster-egg-hunt.png yea and the prize is bunny ears 🙂

Friday!-Clothing Catalog-Egg Hunt! April 7, 2007

Posted by xiceecube17x in Club Penguin, contests, cp cheats, CP stuff.

Sorry guys! This post is a day late! Ah, better than not being here at all, huh?

Anyways, the new items in the clothing catalog have to do w/ spring and stuff, and the hidden are the blue cape, and the usual viking helmets. The Egg Hunt was pretty fun, and if you need some extra help I mashed up a bunch of pics so you can have a little help w/ the Egg Hunt, but I didn’t take all the fun out of it by telling you exactly where they were. Hope they help!



Stay Fresh,


Everyone Read! -Questions Get Answered April 5, 2007

Posted by xiceecube17x in CP stuff.


Xicee posting here, and I’ve been getting a lot of questions. I’ll do a little answering

Q: What willl happen to the CPPC?

A: If keeping the site running isn’t hard enough, I’ll still keep CPPC alive. Gorlackers said she is giving the Poo Crew to the Co-Leader, whoever that is…I’ll have to ask Gorlackers.

Q: Is Gorlackers really gone FOREVER?

A: No, Gorlackers is NOT gone forever. But, that doesn’t mean she’ll be on the comp, enough to keep the site running, or go on CP. She MIGHT make small posts, and visit every once in a while. You MIGHT see her on CP, but barely ever. If you do, make sure you say Hi!

Q: Can I be an admin???

A: Sorry, no. I will not be adding admins or editors or anything. Gorlackers left the site to her admins and editors that were here before she quit CP. It wouldn’t be right since this site is still rightfully hers. If you know me and Gorlackers, and I ask Gorlackers (If she ever gets on AIM!) and she says OK, I’ll add you ASAP!

I know we’re all VERRRRRY sorry to see Gorlackers go, but we have to keep the site going! Let the legend of Gorlackers live on!

Stay Fresh,


First Official Post -Xiceecube17x April 1, 2007

Posted by xiceecube17x in CP stuff.

Hey guys,

I know this is kinda depressing, but this is my first official post. We gotta work together and keep the site going right?? So tell all your friends that the site is still running!

The April Fool’s Day Party is awesome, and there’s a lotta of these cool little box thingeys! Plus, the propeller hat came back! The new pin is at the Dock, and all ya gotta do is hover over the boxes with your mouse. Here’s some pics! NOTE: Click to see full picture.