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Friday!-Clothing Catalog-Egg Hunt! April 7, 2007

Posted by xiceecube17x in Club Penguin, contests, cp cheats, CP stuff.

Sorry guys! This post is a day late! Ah, better than not being here at all, huh?

Anyways, the new items in the clothing catalog have to do w/ spring and stuff, and the hidden are the blue cape, and the usual viking helmets. The Egg Hunt was pretty fun, and if you need some extra help I mashed up a bunch of pics so you can have a little help w/ the Egg Hunt, but I didn’t take all the fun out of it by telling you exactly where they were. Hope they help!



Stay Fresh,



catalog secrets February 16, 2007

Posted by gorlackers in cp cheats, CP stuff.

here r the furniture catalog secrets!…

Royal throne- click on the word throne in princess throne
Big screen tv- click on the tape thing or w/e on the home stereo

here r the igloo catalog secrets!…

secret stone igloo- log cabin door
secret deluxe stone igloo- deluxe candy igloo chimney thing

scroll down and look at my sidebar to see where the pin is located

~the coolness 8)

new stuff February 3, 2007

Posted by gorlackers in cp cheats, CP stuff.

new pin- pool (once u get there, its pretty obvious)
hidden items

  • newspaper hat (click on backpack)
  • vikings helmet (click on all the stars of the new necklace
  • night vision goggles (click on the left snow shoe)
  • btw if u dont kno how to get a blue vikings helmet, open and close the window of the red vikings helmet 5 times

    cya peeps!
    yo! 8)
    ~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

    Cool hiding places January 19, 2007

    Posted by gorlackers in cp cheats, CP stuff.

    hey! there are some cool hiding places here they are!

    1) pizza parlor behind bean bags in the corner and u can pretend to be a talking map!
    2) beach behind the bucket of fish next to the lighthouse (the net will cover most of your name)
    3) lodge attic in the corner behind the snow
    4) ice rink at the very bottom (hide behind the blue thing)

    thats all i kno so far and you can also hide behind furniture in igloos if u have any cool hiding places tell me!

    ~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

    flashing phrases January 7, 2007

    Posted by gorlackers in cp cheats, CP stuff.

    u ppl probly already kno that if u say “green commander of _____” and u walk around it’ll flash but it doesn’t work w/ all words plus i found out another phrase that flashes when u walk saying it, it is “I SAW A MONSTER EAT ROCKHOPPER” it HAS to be in caps lock and also now i have a green box around my comments!!! and i want to thank holagurrl25 for telling me how to do it!

    ~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

    awesome new glitch!!! December 6, 2006

    Posted by gorlackers in cp cheats, CP stuff.

    no 1 knows this glitch!!! but i’m gonna post it anyways. go to any room in club penguin. (idk if it works in ur igloo though.) click ur mouse somewhere so that u are walking but before u stop walking press the letter “D” and u’ll walk up to the very top left corner of the screen! but if u click another location in the room, u won’t be able to go there. so the only ways to get out of the glitch is to go to ur igloo or open the map and click another room. u will not be able to talk while in the corner of the screen and i’m not sure if other penguins will be able to see the glitch 😉 . o yea forgot to mention u have to do something before u do everything. first u click a sledding hill then u open up the map and when ur in the game click the town and then click d while walking or w/e.


    Tipping stuff November 14, 2006

    Posted by gorlackers in cp cheats, CP stuff.

    A lot of people think that you can tip the iceburg but personaly i haven’t tipped it yet so i dont exactly know if it works or not…. I’ve heard that you cant tip the boat at the dock too and once again i haven’t acualy done it yet so i dont know if it works or not. People have said that it takes 100 ppl to tip the iceburg. An i have heard it takes 50 ppl to tip the boat.


    Cheats n Glitches November 14, 2006

    Posted by gorlackers in cp cheats, CP stuff.

    I have a couple of cheats and glitches. If you have more please tell me.

    this is how to organize other penguin’s igloos (the items dont stay the way you change them)

    first you go to your igloo and click on the tape messure so its the editting igloo mode. then you click on your spy phone and go to agent HQ. then you go to a penguins igloo and click on an object. then you can move stuff around!

    this is walking on light house walls

    first you go to the light house obviously. then you go behind the bucket of fish. you click on the door for exiting then you quickly click on the picture/painting of the map. and you’l be walking on the wall!

    Dancing with newspaper

    well first you go to http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf and log in. then click on any penguin but yourself. drag there player card to the left hand side of your screen so that the envelope/mail thing is on the edge. then open up the mewspaper and send the penguin a mail or greeting card. next click the dancing action. if you did it right you should be able the dance with the newspaper.


    go to http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf and press the whit space under ur chat bar, if it doesn’t work press F11 and then click the white space under ur chatbar.

    If you want to play clubpenguin on a big screen just go to http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf i’ll post more stuff later.

    for more secret cool stuff go to