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Questions, Suggestions & More!

Here, you can post any questions you would like to ask me, any suggestions on my site and any other things you would like me to kno! And you may also answer other ppl’s  questions but of course you do not have to even post anything at all on this page!



1. jared dudE - December 22, 2006


2. jared dudE - December 22, 2006


3. jared dudE - December 22, 2006


4. jared dudE - December 22, 2006


5. jared dudE - December 22, 2006


6. gorlackers - December 26, 2006

umm idk any money cheats but u can ask other ppl but still visit my site! but cart surfer gives you like 300c-500c! the most i’ve gotten is 400somethin lol 😆 and what do u mean by “were are members passwords?!?!?”

7. Ice Survivor - December 27, 2006

heres a suggestion. Maybe you should make the titles for pages a little shorter because the headboard looks a little destroyed. And can you add me to your blogroll? Ill add you to my blogroll.

8. gorlackers - December 27, 2006

ok i’ll add u 😉

~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

9. Ice Survivor - December 28, 2006

thanks! The heaboard looks much better. 😀 😛

10. gorlackers - December 29, 2006


11. gossipgurl25 - December 29, 2006

Soooo sorry I couldn’t get you the box. I tried everything.
Maybe you should e-mail WordPress.
u no u heart me!

Leader of CPR and SCPS 8)
Visit http://holagurrl25.wordpress.com today for my Harry Potter project, to join CPR and SCPS, and much, much more!

12. gorlackers - December 29, 2006

o ok i’ll change my password then…

~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

13. Ice Survivor - December 29, 2006

welcome. I dont even know how i got the box. Ok … maybe i might but im not exactly sure. And i can now make comic books!

14. someone - December 29, 2006

ice survivor want to be in my army and gang cpsg aka club penguin security gansterz we are taking control of club penguin we have 15 members and 9 non- members we have tooken over dojo the cave ski lodge book room and the dock. i haveing a meeting at saturday at mammoth from 3 to 6o’clock u can become my buddy and become the unnsttopble army cpsg my username in club penguin is 50cent147 if u come to my igloo wear black hoodie ,black shoes ,a wrist watch, red bandadna( from the one from rockhopper) black paint and the brown pendant. and all of u non members come wit black paint and red bandana

p.s i am a member

p.s.s this meeting is tommorow

from future dicator 50cent147

15. Ice Survivor - December 29, 2006

ill think about it. IS it n mammoth?

16. gorlackers - December 29, 2006

o i’ve seen u guys

~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

17. Spike116 - January 8, 2007

ice surviver is so cool!!! his igloo is aswome he had a party last night!!! o and can you add me to the blogroll please.. i dont have blogroll on my website but i made a like to it its a light house!! just like in cp..kinda!!

-leader of the CPBF-

18. Fdsffffhhjmn - January 17, 2007


19. Fdsffffhhjmn - January 17, 2007

deng it!!!!!!!!!!!

20. gorlackers - January 19, 2007

hey peeps try not to go off topic

~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

21. ROWLESAR - January 20, 2007


22. mossss - January 20, 2007

how do you find other people password comment back plz tell how someone .

23. timvanzon - January 21, 2007
24. jgw310 - January 23, 2007

ummmmmmmmm im not usure is trust timvanzon!! should i holagurrl25??

25. kiana (dnzygirl) - January 24, 2007

i have a question is N E 1 there?

26. Yoyogrumpyr - January 24, 2007


27. ROWLESAR - January 24, 2007

hi i like pie

28. GO TO MY WEBSITE NOW IT IS WWW.MASS26.WORDPRESS.COM www.mass26.wordpress.com PLEASE GO THERE - January 25, 2007

GO TO MY WEBSITE NOW IT IS http://WWW.MASS26.WORDPRESS.COM http://www.mass26.wordpress.com PLEASE GO THEREGO TO MY WEBSITE NOW IT IS http://WWW.MASS26.WORDPRESS.COM http://www.mass26.wordpress.com PLEASE GO THEREGO TO MY WEBSITE NOW IT IS http://WWW.MASS26.WORDPRESS.COM http://www.mass26.wordpress.com PLEASE GO THERE

29. GO TO MY WEBSITE NOW IT IS WWW.MASS26.WORDPRESS.COM www.mass26.wordpress.com PLEASE GO THERE - January 25, 2007

GO TO MY WEBSITE NOW IT IS http://WWW.MASS26.WORDPRESS.COM http://www.mass26.wordpress.com PLEASE GO THERE

30. Ratnsa - January 28, 2007

hak coins bye googleing cp trainer and wpe pro

31. billybob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - February 4, 2007

my name is billybob pass billybob

32. mr pinto - February 5, 2007

billybob is banned forever

33. mr pinto - February 5, 2007

that isnt even his pas is qhfhgsdjjdhhj

34. BOBO - February 8, 2007

Guys my friend works as a money value technologist.
He gave me this program that can double or triple
the value of what is on your screen. I can go on Cart
Surfing and at the end if it said 200 coins, i could click
triple and it would make it 600 coins. Then i could
triple that and make it 1800 coins, then triple and
triple until you have like 10000000 coins. The program
is $400 in real cash, and i have to give it back to my
friend in a month or two. So it is a one in a lifetime
chance to make alot of $$$$COINS$$$$. Theres One
thing the program only works on member accounts. So
, if you want alot of $$$COINS$$$, email me your
user name and password at
AND ill play a game on it and get u tripled and tripled
and even more COINS COINS AND COINS. ITs
amazing i have 8739 Coins and have 10 plasma TV’s,
25 Dance Floors, and a movie theater style mansion
igloo. You can be like me and live on the rich side of
Club Penguin if you email me.

35. dgsafkdj - February 10, 2007


36. spybouncer - February 10, 2007

bobo iam not supid you will band me forever or hack me

37. spybouncer - February 10, 2007

gorlackers how did you do that fake of poo nd how did you do the fake of moderator banded please telll me

38. mulletworm - February 10, 2007

i want to join in a gang help me

39. spybouncer - February 10, 2007

gorlackers what is the theme that you use in your wordpress?

40. lilbegone - February 11, 2007

I really want people to come to my blog it is lilbegone.wordpress.com please come I need hits.

41. lilbegone - February 11, 2007

Ohh yeah, I have a meebo.

42. Rain Drop cc - February 11, 2007

come 2 my website its http://www.cplover.wordpress.com !!!! come please!!! then once u come ull be 😎 COOL!!!

43. rukmance - February 15, 2007

no one can hack me!! everybody just say f***?

44. lala - February 16, 2007

hey can i have some member account name and passes? i wont bann it i swear to god

45. Tonka - February 20, 2007

go to my site, http://flopper.wordpress.com/ for free acounts

46. gothkid123 - February 21, 2007

th puffle tradgedy was today

47. medyutza - February 22, 2007

poo is poo cool is cool you are cool 😀

48. junior987123 - February 23, 2007

can u add me 2 ur blogroll plz i will add u to minnne

49. garbageman99 - February 23, 2007

im cool

50. tonka181 - February 23, 2007

ur a looser (not realy, ur just words i cant explain) lol

51. samote - February 25, 2007


52. esmilita - February 25, 2007

What’s with all the name calling really?

53. annestick5 - February 25, 2007

I have a non-member acount
user name: Ipizzle
password: pepper9

54. littelguy - March 3, 2007

are you littel guy’s buddy on club penguin? if ur not, go on america mammoth at 3:50 pm today

55. la - March 4, 2007
56. Saara - March 16, 2007

If you r a member on club penguin and u would like coins then e-mail ur username and password to bon_bon_95_10@hotmail.com and my friends and i will get u coins.. its ok we don’t ban anyone and we play club penguin ourselves so yer… all of us will get u coins and we will try and get u as much coins as u like. SO just e-mail ur password and username at bon_bon_95_10@hotmail.com and plz don’t give us accounts that are banned or that you’ve posted on another site…

57. rowlesar - March 17, 2007
58. goomad4 - March 21, 2007

Hey Gorlackers I wanted to know if you can link me if I link you ❓ My site is goomad4.wordpress.com

59. tahu208 - March 28, 2007


60. shadow the hedgehog - March 31, 2007

iam shadow. shadow the hedgehog

61. shadow the hedgehog - March 31, 2007

tell sonic to come out space

62. Heather - April 7, 2007

Shadow the hedgehog???? Sonic???? People these days.

Sounds like aliens to me,

63. andy - April 8, 2007

i thought this is a place where u tell ur user names and passwords at so every one tell ur user name and pass words! ok ***** ***** ! or put a freaken sock on it you cows

*Edited For Bad Content. Ya don’t know how to swear, huh kid?

64. me - April 9, 2007

anyone need 999999999 coins e-mail me at jes_841@hotmail.com and have this hacking program that will get you the money.

65. Violetice128 - April 10, 2007

Y :):):)

66. punkboy65 - April 26, 2007

i went on http://www.freemembership-clubpenguin.tk and it didnt work it said deze gebruiker heeft nog geen pegina’s gemaakt

67. HelloWorld - April 28, 2007

Peace people

We love you

68. 9breakdance - April 29, 2007

this is dumb: http://www.freemembership-clubpenguin.tk
when you send your password and username
they add it to their database and all can about your username and password 😦

69. Mboy6 - April 30, 2007


70. dhdd - May 1, 2007

9breakdance i know i went on it and its STUPID

71. cpfanatic - May 2, 2007

could I borrow the pic of the penguin who stepped in poo and it says try to get it off or eat it mr gorlacker?

72. MATT - May 6, 2007


73. Cp master - May 8, 2007

To get 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 coins for club penguin emial your password and name to http://www.gamefreaktim@yahoo.com

74. cpfanatic - May 10, 2007


75. cpfanatic - May 10, 2007
76. club penguin fuking - May 15, 2007

fuk club penguin

77. mr tackey - May 17, 2007

Hey watch your mouth kids might me be look at the site

78. oli - June 13, 2007

heres a member account!
u:geek sixty
p:white stripes

79. junior68 - June 14, 2007

ok here is a REAL count and im not kidding
i dont want to anymore cuzz its stupid and hes not a member


i dont care wut hapens to him just try not to get him baned

80. Hu Hu - June 16, 2007

he’s banned forever

81. junior68 - June 16, 2007

omg your kinding?

82. junior68 - June 16, 2007

no hes not!

83. star - June 16, 2007

my member name is:grace pass:tinker

84. Minimoz - June 20, 2007

Please visit my site!

85. dfghwh - June 23, 2007


86. shorty4ice - July 3, 2007

i cant read any of this! make the font fricking BIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant even read what I’m writing! so if i have a lot of mistakes it’s not my fault!

87. Aunt Arctic - July 17, 2007

Here’s a tip.TIP:Never ever ever go deep in the sea at the beach!Red Sea ClubPengiun murderer lives in that sea behond anything.
This is the TRUE story:(And i mean it’s true!)
There once was a Pengiun,named:Arianna.She loved swimming in the Beach ocean water part/area.But one day,she put on her gogles,went for a DEEP swim,and saw with her own very eyes…a red creature only wearing red nothing of diffrent colour on his body or out-fit.His eyes were glowing dark dark dark red.He tried catching Arianna,but she swam fast.She quickly ran over to Ski village so she thought he wouldn’t think of searching there,but he knows where anyone is.It’s his power.He went to Ski village,and saw her face once again.She dissapeared and arrived at her igloo.She looked the door,protected her pets,hid behind a huge,dusty book shelf.The book shelf,has three shelfs,shaped in a triangle,she hid behind there cause she could fit.The Red Sea Creature arrived at her igloo,he was hearing movement,laughing,moving,and a loud scream;come and find me!Arrianna yelled once again;Come and fine me!He was getting mad and very feeling vicious.
He checked behind the fridge,behind her big screen TV.He forgot one place else…that is Arrianna’s hiding place!She heard bigger footsteps coming towards her,it was him!She dissapeared again and arrived at the Dojo.She thought no-one could find out where that place was hidden.Exept her friends.She had a cell-phone!Thank god I have a text message acount Arianna said to herself with joy.She phoned her friend;Blane Uchiha,Artist99,Sporty Xena,Jade Ruby,Makastar,Bringitone,Pok a man,and others.She told each one a tiny serious message;Help!Help me!I waz swimmin’ at the Beach,I swam deep into the ocean,I saw a creature!It was red!His eyes were red,his shirt,his shoes,his penguin colour,his hat,his bloody strong looking hands.I’m at the Dojo right now!She sent her message.Artist99 got her message!She wrote back a letter;Danger?A red creature in the Beach deep ocean?CraZY!!So what ur sayin’ is u wre swimmin’ at da beach,u swam deepa into da ocean and founda red creature.He waz chassin’ after u and is lookin’ after u?I’m so there!Artist99 put on her pink duffle coat,her scarf,her headphones,her winter boots and left out the door!She went to the Dojo.Arianna wrote the same message to each other frined she had online.All of them came with clothing on.They helped set a trap on the Red creature.The trap looked hurtful and sweeeeet!Her friends left her alone at the Dojo.The red creature went to the Dojo,saw a penguin.(It was Arianna in disguise with a diffrent name and clothes on.)Red creature coming for Arianna!The Red creature yelled with evilness left inside of him.He saw another penguin.He said:Are you arianna?The penguin in disguise said:What the…?Who in the whole ClubPenguin nation history world isn Arianna?!He went closer to the penguin.He stepped on the car petel part of the trap.He stepped on it,and a HUGE bucket of orange jam spilled on him,then a bucket full of chicken feathers sticked on to the orange jam.He felt discusting!Arinna went to see Aunt Arctic.If she was online.She was!She was!She went to her igloo,and explained the problem.
Aunt Arctic has a shack over at the Cove.She told Arianna.Okay!I’ll head to the Cove right now!She was finally at the Cove.She saw the shack!Aunt Arctic said she was supposed to look for;Villian beans.Strange name for a bean pack!Arianna told herself.She went to the Dojo and put thoose Villians beans in the Red Creature’s mouth.He swallod them,and was shaking all over his own body!She went back to the Cove.And got some Garden seeds.She got a glass of water,some dirt in a cup,and some Sun beans.She went back to the Dojo,and put the Garden Seeds in his mouth,then some dirt,then added the water,then finally added the sun beans.He turned into a Carrot patch!In the Dojo!Her problem was gone.

The End!

88. freezefriend - July 20, 2007


89. NONOFYOURBEEZWAX - July 24, 2007


90. NONOFYOURBEEZWAX - July 24, 2007


91. hnhnbn ghmnh - July 26, 2007


92. hnhnbn ghmnh - July 26, 2007


93. dodixd - July 28, 2007


PS:He is member lol
And i hate him

94. riyt - August 10, 2007

Thats not the password give me the real password

95. mitch - August 15, 2007

i have a questionon edit mode how do you make a penguin point at another with one hand?

96. BRANDON - August 22, 2007


97. junior68 - August 30, 2007

that penguin was banded

trust me i tryed.

98. Blane Uchiha - August 30, 2007

how was my penguin involved in aunt artic’s post this is wierd

99. junior68 - August 31, 2007

omg it was! your famous!

100. junior68 - August 31, 2007

ok look amanda. i dont have email and i really want to be a part of the CPPC and idk how because i have to email you and im not alowed to use my mom and dads so i was wondering if there was anyother way. my username on cp is junior68 and i am a member and i am on bilzzard as a server. and i dont have alot of money right know so if i need an outfit idk if i could aford it or not.

Look i just want to be on the club penguin POO crew! lol sorry its just a funny name.

101. tippytoppy - September 3, 2007

Hey someone please visit my site… its roxxidominatez.wordpress.com please visit my site for club penguin cheats!!

102. icyo - September 27, 2007
103. vfdooh - November 4, 2007

plz visit. im desperate!!!!!!!

104. siranjeevi - November 8, 2007

does any one want to increase your money & u want that thing to make the money just email your id to siranguru@yahoo.co.in & by the way if you it you have to send your cp only mebers user, pass & the id that you typed in the registration place and if you send i will send it to your id

105. pucca109 - November 18, 2007

what do you do on Clubpenguin Poo Crew?

106. baby not for reall - November 24, 2007

wow aunt arctic that was a really long coment and sorry i didnt read it all the way beacause it was way to long

107. junior68 - January 19, 2008

yeah lol

108. Story Teller - January 19, 2008

“Once in a magical relm” Joan read to his little sister,” There was a magical fariy name- GAH! how can you read this stuff?!” Joan complained to his little sisterwho only shrugged.
Okay, lets get the story straight. Joan is a really cool kid with a really weird little sister. she whines and crys and kics and screams when you dont do what she wants. shes ‘overly spoiled’ so he calls it.
One day joan disids he will take her swimming at the cove. she gets on her floatys and bathing suit and walks in unaware of the dangers the water held.
Joan walked in behind her and only watched the waves pictureing himself riding them. Wen he hears a POP and looks were his sis should be and she gone!

To be continued…

109. GothGirl29 - February 28, 2008

do you know how to mess with other ppls furniture?if u dont,go to http://www.awesometips4cpbygothgirl29.wordpress.com

110. rockhopper - April 9, 2008

you will be banned

111. ninjaitachi - April 11, 2008

i know this asome site its

112. ryan wright - April 21, 2008

how do u hide behind the chat bar in club penguin

113. andy - June 1, 2008

u guys should create like an iphone for club penguin,have it so u can type in messages and send them to friemds and look at the news and all that stuff

114. copycat - October 23, 2008

Once in a magical relm” Joan read to his little sister,” There was a magical fariy name- GAH! how can you read this stuff?!” Joan complained to his little sisterwho only shrugged.
Okay, lets get the story straight. Joan is a really cool kid with a really weird little sister. she whines and crys and kics and screams when you dont do what she wants. shes ‘overly spoiled’ so he calls it.
One day joan disids he will take her swimming at the cove. she gets on her floatys and bathing suit and walks in unaware of the dangers the water held.
Joan walked in behind her and only watched the waves pictureing himself riding them. Wen he hears a POP and looks were his sis should be and she gone!

To be continued…

115. Ovariarievilm - October 28, 2008

Very interesting blog. Sometimes I can’t help but show you my itchy cage Sorry, for off top, i wanna tell one joke) What do you call a drunk who works in an upholstery shop? A recovering alcoholic.

116. davids girl - June 8, 2009

i want some member passes i really wont bann any of them i swear and um i already have haelped biscott and weirdy wobb

117. andric12 - June 13, 2009

Hi I Have A Suggestion I Want You To Join My WordPress Cause Your So Cool!!!! http://theonlybestcptrainerandcheats.wordpress.com/ thats my website and go to work with us leave me your comment and your email thanks !!!!

118. Rockhopper - October 16, 2009

Arr mates Ahoy!!

119. Rockhopper - October 16, 2009

Arr mates Ahoy!!
How u doing arr long tyme now see

120. matilda - February 12, 2010

It really does work he gave me 9000000000000000000000000078
coins this is my password and username


121. gorlacker - October 13, 2010

what happened to that message about not eating poop?

122. Rockhopper - July 18, 2012

Arr people Golacrackers can you let my friend join his name is P125914830 or fat jac 1 arr talk to you later.

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