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Friday!-Clothing Catalog-Egg Hunt! April 7, 2007

Posted by xiceecube17x in Club Penguin, contests, cp cheats, CP stuff.

Sorry guys! This post is a day late! Ah, better than not being here at all, huh?

Anyways, the new items in the clothing catalog have to do w/ spring and stuff, and the hidden are the blue cape, and the usual viking helmets. The Egg Hunt was pretty fun, and if you need some extra help I mashed up a bunch of pics so you can have a little help w/ the Egg Hunt, but I didn’t take all the fun out of it by telling you exactly where they were. Hope they help!



Stay Fresh,




1. Hather - April 7, 2007

Hi Gorlackers,haven’t posted here for a while but try to go to this site-http://socool987654.wordpress.com or e-mail me at pinklava1@comcast.net ! I found all the eggs 😉 and I will proudly be on Iceland,today strutting with my new,blue,bunny ears!

Have a great easter,

2. Heather - April 7, 2007

OMG! I said my name was Hather instead of Heather! lol 😛

3. Berryc00l - April 8, 2007

😥 😥 i miss gorlackers! 😥 😥
*Check out my site sometime at:*
Take a look around, I hope you enjoy everything! 😉

4. cherry1 - April 10, 2007

why did gorlackers quit?

5. DenDen - April 21, 2007

A NEW Clubpenguin Series coming to youtube. PUNKD

6. Bill - May 12, 2007


7. stangman601 - July 1, 2007


i visited! don’t forget to visit
and http://www.shoppinglovr.wordpress.com

~stangman601 8)

8. stangman601 - August 31, 2007

go to http://www.animalempire.wordpress.com and party till the cops say stop! 8)

9. maxie daxie - November 4, 2007

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