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Everyone Read! -Questions Get Answered April 5, 2007

Posted by xiceecube17x in CP stuff.


Xicee posting here, and I’ve been getting a lot of questions. I’ll do a little answering

Q: What willl happen to the CPPC?

A: If keeping the site running isn’t hard enough, I’ll still keep CPPC alive. Gorlackers said she is giving the Poo Crew to the Co-Leader, whoever that is…I’ll have to ask Gorlackers.

Q: Is Gorlackers really gone FOREVER?

A: No, Gorlackers is NOT gone forever. But, that doesn’t mean she’ll be on the comp, enough to keep the site running, or go on CP. She MIGHT make small posts, and visit every once in a while. You MIGHT see her on CP, but barely ever. If you do, make sure you say Hi!

Q: Can I be an admin???

A: Sorry, no. I will not be adding admins or editors or anything. Gorlackers left the site to her admins and editors that were here before she quit CP. It wouldn’t be right since this site is still rightfully hers. If you know me and Gorlackers, and I ask Gorlackers (If she ever gets on AIM!) and she says OK, I’ll add you ASAP!

I know we’re all VERRRRRY sorry to see Gorlackers go, but we have to keep the site going! Let the legend of Gorlackers live on!

Stay Fresh,




1. mr pinto - April 5, 2007

lets do it xicee im gonna try to make a post done by Saturday on the clothing cat i emailed cp its gonna have instruments like the tuba he said until then

stay BALLIN~~ mr pinto

2. xiceecube17x - April 5, 2007

Hey Mr. Pinto!
That’s so cool! I hope you’re right, because I’m getting sick of just being ableto have guitars…Hey! Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could actually play them?
PS: Mr. Pinto, since we’re working together can we meet on CP? Let’s set up a time! What’s your EMail address?

Stay Fresh,


3. mr pinto - April 5, 2007

my email address is scooterdude1997@aol.com

4. Imgreen - April 5, 2007

can i join the cppc? ❓

5. punkpenguins - April 5, 2007

Will you advertise our site at punkpenguins.wordpress.com

From:Mrpeakers, Black top 06, and Supergiant94

p.s we are members

6. Chrisdouble/joshua - April 6, 2007

u idoits she id not quiting ! i think i know because i go to her school! gosh u peeps are weird exceopt for mr pinto and xiceecube17x

7. gorlackers - April 6, 2007

shut the hell up joshua. u gay. he’s lyin.

8. Chewey101 - April 6, 2007



9. mr pinto - April 7, 2007

xiceecube that guy is lying my email is jackiesqb@yahoo.com or slappshot1113@aim.com who ever was lying to xicee about being me is a n00b because i have a nub picture next to my name

stay BALLIN~~ mrpinto

10. xiceecube17x - April 7, 2007

I’ll EMail Mr Pinto the real one who’s comment is right above mine!

11. chrisdouble/joshua - April 10, 2007

what the hell u said u would still go on club penguin!dont lie! yo mr.pinto!

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