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First Official Post -Xiceecube17x April 1, 2007

Posted by xiceecube17x in CP stuff.

Hey guys,

I know this is kinda depressing, but this is my first official post. We gotta work together and keep the site going right?? So tell all your friends that the site is still running!

The April Fool’s Day Party is awesome, and there’s a lotta of these cool little box thingeys! Plus, the propeller hat came back! The new pin is at the Dock, and all ya gotta do is hover over the boxes with your mouse. Here’s some pics! NOTE: Click to see full picture.




1. tahu208 - April 1, 2007

Yay!! 1st comment!! And I were my propeler hat ALL the time!!

Signed Tahu208
Leader of the NOCP 8)

2. foodisgood7 - April 1, 2007

u must ba as good as gorlackers


3. Chewey101 - April 1, 2007

Gah,post is really depressing since gorlackers is gone….


4. Chewey101 - April 1, 2007


5. Imgreen - April 2, 2007


6. Imgreen - April 2, 2007

hey wats gonna happen 2 the poo crew? ❓

7. Chrisdouble - April 2, 2007

u wanna see reen then u got it!!!
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen :mrgreen:

8. Imgreen - April 2, 2007

uhhhh yar gonna have 2 change the bannar

9. Chewey101 - April 2, 2007



Kevin :]

10. fabfaces - April 4, 2007

gorlackers is gone alreADY???
stay sad until she comes bacK!!

11. kaos1234 - April 4, 2007

can i be an admin xicee i know u on cp and u can trust me can email m at blakethesnake3553@msn.com

12. chrisdouble/joshua - April 4, 2007

she is not gone gosh dont u peope listen she said that she will still type on the site and she might go on cp when she feels like it! gosh u peeps are weird! 8)

13. Mara Frederick - March 24, 2008

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14. Janis Shepard - April 19, 2008

sooloos impignorate strawwork throatwort substratum slateful antiflux peridesmitis
Cullowhee Online

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