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HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!! March 17, 2007

Posted by gorlackers in CP stuff.

hey peeps!
well sry 4 not posting, i started playing sims again &…. ya kno 😀 well, the st. patrick’s weekend party is pretty cool! the pin is in the lodge attic, free hat is at the dock. there’s a new furniture catalog, w/ new flooring & music.

well, i won’t be going on cp as much as usual now, because of stuff… so xiceecube17x will actually be posting.




1. esmilita - March 17, 2007

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day too. 🙂

2. deltatrooper - March 18, 2007

add me to ur boggroll wen u can
my webies deltatrooper.wordpress.com!

3. goddessmomo - March 18, 2007

Sims does rock! maybe we can add eachother to blogrolls or something. I am interested in hearing some feedback on my clubpenguin blog.. stop by sometime and let me know http://goddessmomo.wordpress.com/

4. hammy999 - March 18, 2007

heyy gorlackers put u on my blogroll as poo liker!! and please will u be my buddy on cp cause ive seen u once and u were with my friend mr pinto. U never anwsered me when i asked you

until then… waddle on!
-club penguin team ( hammy 999 )

5. chewitt - March 18, 2007

Vote for my best pic in My Best Pic contest. Go on my site and you’ll find out loads more ❗

chewit dude
Visit http://chewittt.wordpress.com

6. xiceecube17x - March 20, 2007

I’ll post some pics.

7. Mr.Pinto - March 20, 2007

Hi I’m mr.pinto and i’m a little retard! I think ******* ****** (somebodys name) is cute and i am 999999 years old. i also have a crush on gorlackers and I don’t wear deodarent. I am in love with Xiceecube17x and she is my home-girl. So what up all you homies and d-dogs? E-mail me freka-deak.org.

8. manning1996 - March 21, 2007

sup ppls hey just want 2 no were the new pin is
see ya

9. Chewey101 - March 25, 2007

Hola! do ya have the sim2 or the sims???by the way, you can visit my site at chewey101.wordpress.com^^

10. hammy999 - April 6, 2007

how does sheee know youre password anwenser me gorlackers or xiceecube

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