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New stuff! March 2, 2007

Posted by gorlackers in CP stuff.

hey peeps!
well today, a new clothing catalog came out and there are a lot of new stuff, and plus there’s a new pin! if u scroll down to my sidebar, u will see the box w/ the new pin thing, here are the catalog secretsssss

3D glasses– right winter boot- 50pc
vikings helmet– click the pizza, the fish will apear, then click the fish and u will see the helmet, then click it again to buy it- 750pc
blue vikings helmet– open and close the window for the red helmet 3 times then open it again- 1200pc
gold vikings helmet– click the coffee pot when the blue vikings helmet window is open- 1500pc
green bowtie– click the white part of the leprechaun teuxedo- 60pc

that’s it!




1. rowlesar - March 17, 2007
2. rowlesar - March 17, 2007
3. rowlesar - March 17, 2007

go to http://drew.rolls.googlepages.com
it is ur desteny

4. rowlesar - March 17, 2007
5. rowlesar - March 17, 2007
6. billybob - May 21, 2007

Nice website this will hep the kids find what theyre looking for i have to meet you ill go in the server frozen on monday may 21 07 at the dock see you there with curtymart waddle on billybob.

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