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party rescheduled, sry for the late notice! February 18, 2007

Posted by gorlackers in CP stuff, Stuff.

i couldn’t make it to the celebration i planned for me meeting my goal (because of unexpected plans made by my sis) it will be rescheduled to Monday Feb 19; 3-4pm; mammoth; my ig (on map);who’s invited- every1! and try to make it! (i’ll get there early and so can u) btw for info on trying to be my buddy during then, go to


1. Tonka - February 19, 2007

how come ur not there? on map? posted at 3:30

2. gothkid123 - February 19, 2007

im sick as a dog, couldnt make it….but i hope to see you guys at my all night party on the 24th in mammoth

3. Tonka - February 19, 2007

Gorlackers wasnt on igloo map from 2:46-4:00!
she probably had ” UNEXPECTED PLANS!”

4. gorlackers - February 19, 2007

lol… well ummm… i totally forgot bout it… sry… lol well i’ll have a party 2morrow ’round 4:30 (cuz that’s usually when i get on) same place

~the coolness 8)

5. for3v3r - February 19, 2007
6. Tonka - February 19, 2007

gorlackers im sending u email check!

7. Tonka - February 20, 2007

gorlackers remember that!

8. Tonka - February 20, 2007

WAT THE @#!# Gorlackers! U forgot it again and u waisted my time again, yesterday i looked on the map for igloos for 1 hr and same today! My gosh why do u forget! this time its not funny

9. jgw310 - February 20, 2007

i missed it due to short notice

10. Tonka - February 20, 2007

u didnt miss it, she wasnt on!

11. nyy22592 - February 22, 2007
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