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I met my goal!!! February 13, 2007

Posted by gorlackers in CP stuff, Stuff.

i met my goal!!! (my goal is under blog stats) because of this, i will be having a longgggggggggggggggggg cooooooooooooooooooooooool party at my ig!!! here’s the info-

Date– Saturday Feb 17,2007
Time– 3pm-4 somethin pm ET
Place– hmmm… well duh!!! my igloo!
server– mammoth (America)
Who’s Invited– everyone!

well of course u can wear w/e u want! well it would be cool if everyone were brown so turn brown! and i dont care bout the rest of the clothing u wear, it’s gonna be fun! well anyway, my new goal is 27,000! when i reach that goal, i’ll have another cool event! if u ask me to be my buddy, i might say yes but only if i kno u well and i’m not ur buddy yet, and if i have 100 buddies say “u have 100 buds” and i will delete someone, then u can ask me well thats it!

~the coolness



1. Tonka - February 16, 2007

What world is it in…

2. BeautifulMe - March 22, 2007

gorlackers your my idol! I check your site every day and im on it re-reading it al night until im screamed at 2 go to bed! My penguin name is gogirlz10 and ill be at your next party! Can u make it April 5th at Mammoth u igloo as normal and at 5:00 pm club penguin time?


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