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new record for me!!! January 1, 2007

Posted by gorlackers in Stuff.

omg omg!!! 😮 on new years eve/ new years i was up til’ 6am!!! that meant i slept at 6am!!! post ur record for staying up late here 8) and btw i’m not trying to brag. i was up playing texas holdem and mario kart w/ my bros lol 😉




1. gorlackers - January 1, 2007

i actualy slept at 6:30 but w/e lol

~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

2. gossipgurl25 - January 2, 2007

Once I stayed up all night, and morning….
Well you get it.
I was crabby, and was asleep before my head hit the pillow the night after staying up.
u no u ♥ me!

Leader of CPR and SCPS 8)
Visit http://holagurrl25.wordpress.com today!

3. sundine - January 2, 2007

i want to bed about 5:00

4. pufflenaper2 - January 2, 2007

how do u put a password on a certain area

5. dragonflyer - January 2, 2007

U WERE PLAYING TEXAS HOLDEM POKER :ooohooohooo: Call police under 18 gambler everyone be alert
anyway record
31 December For Dragonflyer
Woke Up 6 In The Morning
Stayed up to 9 in the morning

6. gorlackers - January 2, 2007

😮 ❗ ❗ and its ok to play texas holdem at home, u have to be 21 to gamble at a casino!

~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

7. Ice Survivor - January 4, 2007

ok for me about like i woke up at 4 a.m. and went to bed 11 a.m. I was trying to set a record anyway. lol. 😉

8. spike116 - January 5, 2007

i went to bed at 12:00 only XP lol

9. spike116 - January 5, 2007

an i woke up at 7:30

10. gansta g - January 5, 2007

once i stayed up for 1 day and 4 hours, it was hard and my eyes were sore and i skipped rugby practice, yay

11. gorlackers - January 6, 2007

i hope this works…

12. jollyboy0 - January 6, 2007

mine is 3 am

13. terd - February 4, 2007

manda u got me beat i have stayed up until 4:00 AM
oohhh but member at my birthday party we stayed up till 2:30 but that wasnt that that late compared 2 6:00 AM

(whats url???????????????????????)

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