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Ice burg excitement January 1, 2007

Posted by gorlackers in CP stuff.

here is a pic of the iceburg and if u can tell (u probly can) there are a lot of penguins on the edge flipping pizza

Ice burg excitement!!!

lol it’s kinda funny 8)

~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉



1. gorlackers - January 1, 2007

the edge got cut off but if u click on it u’ll see the whole pic

~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

2. gorlackers - January 1, 2007

its not 2007 yet how come it says 2007? its only 2 til’ 8 on new years eve

~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

3. Ice Survivor - January 4, 2007

wait why are the pics always a little dark. Do you take the pics with a camera?

4. gorlackers - January 4, 2007

yea i use my digital camera

~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

5. dacool90 - January 5, 2007

to make the pics clear just on your keyboard press this button called printscn then paste it on a paint program

6. gorlackers - January 5, 2007

well it sounds confusing lol

~gorlackers *leader of CPPC 😉

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