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my igloo… December 15, 2006

Posted by gorlackers in CP stuff.

my igloo is so awesome!!! its a snow globe and did you kno you could shake it? well i dont have a pic cuz i didn’t feel like going through so much trouble and i didn’t want ppl to copy my idea… i kno most of you wouldn’t copy it but in case some1 decides to… and i’m so glad the ice furniture or w/e came back!!! well cya lata!!! 😉




1. Ice Survivor - December 16, 2006

Too bad the snow furniture came out…

2. gorlackers - December 17, 2006

what? ur confusing!!!

3. heath - December 17, 2006


4. heath - December 17, 2006

anyone there

5. me - December 17, 2006

I’m here

6. Lymsila - December 17, 2006

Hey guys u know that they can’t see your ingloo if its a snow globe because they no DOOR at all.

7. gorlackers - December 17, 2006

yea they can

8. chewitt - December 17, 2006

Going through alot of trouble? It’s not that hard getting a pic! 👿

chewit dude
Go on http://www.chewitt.wordpress.com

9. wad3e - December 18, 2006

what server do u go on?

10. gorlackers - December 18, 2006

who me? i go on… just about everywhere but mostly… mammoth, sabretooth, parka

11. jollyboy0 - December 18, 2006

how do u get a pic of ur igloo? i want 2 know how!!

12. gorlackers - December 18, 2006

its complicated to explain…

13. gorlackers - December 18, 2006

u’ll figure it out…

14. jollyboy0 - December 19, 2006

cmon gorlackers tell me i have a blog and it sux cuz i donthave ne pics!!!

15. gorlackers - December 19, 2006

when ur writing a new artical, just scroll down and upload a pic. (u either have to get a pic from google/yahoo or use a digital camera to take a pic then uplaod it)

16. gorlackers - December 19, 2006

and ur welcome! 😉

17. jollyboy0 - December 21, 2006

Thank u but i want a pic of MY penguin!!!

18. jollyboy0 - December 21, 2006

and i dont have a camera!!

19. jollyboy0 - December 21, 2006

thx now i get it!!
but i still dont have a camera!!

20. gorlackers - December 21, 2006


21. ovnchw - January 7, 2007

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