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ship -n- pufflez December 9, 2006

Posted by gorlackers in CP stuff.

rockhopper landed yesterday (12/8) with red puffles (they r in the pet shop) and he will be staying for christmas. he’ll be walking around town so u might see him! if u didn’t already kno, the puffles are 800 coins like the other 1s and they’re for all players! (that means non-members too) and btw i’m not saying any1 is stupid if ur thinking that ok?  and there are new songs for ur igloo too now!


Pirate Ship   click on it for full size

Red puffle!   click for full size image



1. Dragonflyer - December 10, 2006

hey gorlackers

2. gorlackers - December 10, 2006


3. Xiceecube17x - December 10, 2006

hey gorlackers!!! omg ur the onlt 1 who commented me!! 😦 my friend made one 2 so i guess she’ll comment me too but i was wonderin if u could put my site on ur blogroll i put urz on mine 🙂

4. Jacko619 - December 11, 2006


5. gorlackers - December 11, 2006

sure xicecube17x i will and thanx for puttin mine on urs

6. gorlackers - December 11, 2006

ummm but i kinda 4got what ur site was…

7. 3c0olcat3 - December 23, 2006

hey your fashion show is awesome pls visit my site

8. nicolas - December 24, 2006

i need some cheats plz respond as sone as posible


9. weacoo8 - December 24, 2006

i need cheats plz tell me as sone as posible

10. gorlackers - December 25, 2006

if u want cheats keep scrolling down in this site and press more posts until u see the post “cheats n glitches”

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