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WARNING! December 3, 2006

Posted by gorlackers in Stuff.

WARNING!: Remember to NEVER EVER use inapropritate language in any comment or on anything at all that is on this site!!! for more information read the section on “inapropriate stuff” And warning #2 DO NOT call me “gor” ever!!! (not like any1 has) but i DONT want ppl to start callin me that. Not even on cp!!! 😉




1. dragonflyer - December 8, 2006

hi gor!

2. dragonflyer - December 17, 2006

how su gor

3. gorlackers - December 17, 2006

😡 !!! 😈 👿 DONT CALL ME GOR!!!!!!!! GORLACKERS GORLACKERS GORLACKERS!!!!! and i dont understand your horrible writing

4. gorlackers - December 17, 2006

👿 👿 👿

5. gorlackers - December 17, 2006


6. gorlackers - December 17, 2006


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