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Inapropriate stuff November 14, 2006

Posted by gorlackers in Stuff.

some people like to say bad words. But I am making a rule that you may not curse on this website or else… ya kno… Because my friends that are also 10 may be reading my stuff and i dont want them or myself to see bad words especialy on here. And if you say any bad words the only funny part is gonna be me beating you up… But you can do this, for example “what the ****?” but if you say the actual word then…




1. Loki - April 27, 2008


2. Loki - April 27, 2008

Anybody here?

3. Loki - April 27, 2008

Did anybody manage to see what “Lori” posted on here?

4. Loki - April 27, 2008

She’s got some nerve….. and, I must admit, quite clever……

5. Loki - April 27, 2008

But rude, nonetheless

6. Loki - April 27, 2008

How come nobody is commenting on this!? It’s cool

7. Loki - April 27, 2008


8. Loki - April 27, 2008

*Frantically looks around for passerby*

9. Loki - April 27, 2008


10. Loki - April 27, 2008

Nobody’s here, so I’ll come back another time. Bye!

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