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BVC against CPA & CPM November 14, 2006

Posted by gorlackers in CP stuff.

there has been a war in the server mamoth. it is the BVC against the cpa and cpm (boo for cpa &m) and of course everyone knows that the BVC always win… fyi we are evil




1. gorlackers - November 15, 2006

i died in one of the wars 😦

2. chrisdouble/joshua - November 15, 2006

what the #$%^!!!!!!!!!! AMANDA U R WERID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UR FRIEND JOSHUA/ CHRISDOUBLE

3. gorlackers - November 15, 2006

bla bla bla what ev

4. JOSHUA - November 21, 2006


5. JOSHUA - November 21, 2006


6. Xiceecube17x - November 24, 2006

LOL haha remember me gorlackers?? i told u im on ur buddy list!!! im da co leader of the BVC and gorlackers is a gr8 recruit!!!!! lol my name is Xiceecube17x & im usually on mammoth (like everyoneelse) 😉

7. gorlackers - November 24, 2006

lol ya i kno. mammoth is realy popular though. do you kno the next war? or meeting?

8. Xiceecube17x - December 10, 2006

omg axl was so mean to me h old me he was going to find another co leader and i got super mad so i made a new army and we had a war against the vikings! but axle wasnt there anyway my army is called the pilgrims or CPP & if ya wanna join go 2 mammoth trust me piglgrims are gettin pretty big ill show u wut 2 wear & stuff im leader and 1 of my friends is co u can be general or sumthin i gotta wordpress blog too check it out!!

9. gorlackers - December 10, 2006

ok sure but when should i go on?

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